Colutron Research Corporation performs research in the areas of Atomic Physics, Atmospheric Physics, and Astrophysics. Below are publications related to research and products developed by Colutron Research Corporation personnel. We also have a growing list of publications by customers who have used Colutron products. If you would like to add to our customer publication list, please email to Lars Wåhlin at


The Collapsing Universe: Lars Wåhlin, Johnson Publishing Co. Boulder, CO. ISBN 0-933407-00-9 1985.

*Atmospheric Electricity: Lars Wåhlin, Research Studies Press (John Wiley & Sons) , 1989, New York . ISBN 0-471-91202-6

*The Deadbeat Universe, Lars Wåhlin, Colutron Research Corporation, Boulder, CO. 1999.

*These books are available for free download. Please see for details.



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